Rees Legbars Arrive in America!



If you've been following our international cream Legbar saga you know that in December 2012 we travelled to the UK to view some of the top show-winning cream Legbars in their native country.


There we met with the knowledgeable and charming Jill Rees whose Legbars are garnering top awards at shows across the UK. Jill was kind enough to agree to export to America some of the best of her bloodline, and in the spring of 2013 we arranged to hatch about two dozen of her birds for evaluation in Europe.  Late this summer Jill selected the best of these birds, and on September 3rd these hand-picked Legbars were shipped to New York where they remained in USDA quarantine for a month. In October they arrived at Greenfire Farms and promptly began laying. (There was even a blue egg in the crate when they arrived from the USDA.)


We are thrilled to have some of the best cream Legbars on the planet to bolster the Legbar gene pool in America. Jill's birds reflect the highly desirable pervasive cream feather color and the other signal attributes of this rare breed. Our plan is to offer them to the public beginning in the spring of 2014. These birds also stand as an example of Greenfire Farms' never ending commitment to improving the chicken breeds under our care. Each year we strive to breed birds that were better than the last, and with the help of committed experts like Jill, we hope to fulfill our pledge to secure the future of these rare and valuable chicken breeds.




Best of Breed Winner 2013 at the National, Stonleigh

2013 was a great year.


Had lots of firsts, and best of breed at Local shows.


Won with a cockerel at the Poultry Club of Great Britain national show at Stoneleight with Jim Bob,  I was delighted.  I came 2nd, 3rd and 4th with my other hens.  My daughter came 2nd in the Junior class,  a great result.


The Federation show in December was a large mixed class it was great to see so many good Cream Legbar Angela & Kevin came first with a hen from my breeding,  my other girls came 2nd, 3rd & 4th.  A good result.


Roll on 2014.


2014 News


2014 has been an interesting year,  hatched out lots and lots of chicks,  have managed to get a really good standard on the girls,  still lots of work to do on the boys,  but I wont give up.


Did quite of lot of shows this year with lots of firsts,  did a few shows that I have never done before with great results its was lovely to see a lot more good Cream Legbars.


Emily de Gray did really well at the National and the Fed poultry shows this year with a couple of girls I'd given her earlier in the year,  




Fed 2014

National 2014

2015 - Hooray first time out this year and finally a Cream Legbar gets onto Championship row,  winning Best Autosexing and Best Large Fowl Rare sadly it wasn't me showing but my daughter but never the less a great result.

Jade - 2015

Northampton & District

National 2015 has been a successful year,  at the National I won best Cream Legbar boy out of a class of 12,  and came 2nd to my good friend in a class of 22 Hens.

At the Federation Show 2015,  I was awarded first place with my cockerel Luke and this Hen a very proud moment,  once again it was a huge class of girls,  it is lovely to see so many people showing Cream Legbars now.  Below is my hen who won her class at Northampton and was awarded best 2015 bird,  3 Cream Legbars on Championship row.