My name is Jill Rees and I first began to keep Cream Legbars about 5 years ago and was very fortunate to come across the 'Legbar Police' a name given to a group of proper Cream Legbar breeders on a poultry forum.  It was on that forum that I met Emily de Gray she  has a wealth of knowledge and has been a great inspiration to me, and although Emily no longer keeps Cream Legbars she still has a keen interest in the breed, I owe her alot.


It is from that group of people that my flock began,  I used to keep other breeds of chicken but decided to dedicate my time to the Cream Legbar,  such a pretty chicken and full of character.


I have been breeding for the last 4 years and in 2012 I was encouraged to show my hens.


My first show was a local show which I took 3 hens all preened, nervously I placed all 3 hens in their show cages and was delighted to come back an hour or so later to find that they had been placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


I next took 2 hens to the Poulty Club of Great Britain National show at Stoneleigh,  and was awarded 1st and 2nd place,  I was delighted.


Finally in December 2012 I entered The National Federation of Poultry Clubs Federation Championship Show with 3 hens and was again awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, the icing on the cake.


I plan to continue to show in 2013 and hopefully take a cockerel.


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at the National Federation  poultry show.


Did you see that?

at the National Federation of Poultry Clubs show 2012


Took Jim-Bob to the National at Stoneleigh was delighted won Best of Breed,

   November 2013.