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Cream Legbar Hen

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Cream Legbar

a beautiful autosexing, blue egg laying chicken

As a breeder of Cream Legbars I welcome you to my website.


I decided to keep Cream Legbars because they are an autosexing chicken  that lays pretty blue/green egg,  a  Cream Legbar is now one of the most popular autosexing breeds.  


The Cream Legbar is an autosexing breed of chicken. This means that you can tell the sex of the chick at hatch, and they breed true. The Cream Legbar originated as a cross between Brown Leghorns and Barred Rock with some Araucana blood in them. This is reflected in the crest and the blue eggs that they lay. The egg colour is usually blue, though some will give olive eggs.


Once the breed was decided I had the arduous task  of finding some proper Cream Legbars,   it was clear to me that there were lots of Legbars out there but very few  pure breeds – those that actually meet the breed standard.   I asked lots of people and the same few names kept cropping up,   I contacted those breeders and obtained some fertile eggs and began my  own flock of pure Cream Legbars.




Cream Legbar - 1st - Jill Rees_0771